Love Game

"I met her on a TV show. She was interviewing a local rockstar. I was sitting in the audience. At the end of the show, everyone wanted a picture with the rockstar. But I excused her from the crowd into a discarded corner of the set for a selfie. Later, I put that on my… Continue reading Love Game


Battle Under a Christmas Tree

“O Lord! Let Eliza’s bereavement heal.”  Isabel “O Lord! Let Isabel’s sickness heal.”  Ruth “O Lord! Let Ruth’s deprivation and anxiety heal.”  Eliza Three friends prayed under a pine tree on a little desolate island as the ocean swallowed the sun on a special winter evening in an eastern region of the globe. Their hearts… Continue reading Battle Under a Christmas Tree

Lovelorn … Forever!

"If every hurt could have pierced holes like a bullet, My heart would have looked like a deserted beehive, Oozing out fresh blood for a doomed artist's palette." As always, Preeth had goose bumps reading those lines by a woman on Instagram. She wrote her name as Elyna Rose. Her pictures displayed words, and landscapes.… Continue reading Lovelorn … Forever!

Owl-Eyed Dreams

Silent nights had an old charm. They created space for Minerva to unleash her desires without boundaries or fears. They allowed her to dream. The dreams that the reality of the day made every arrangement to freeze. Minerva, a 26-year old usual girl, doing a regular job, had a boring life to the onlookers. Until… Continue reading Owl-Eyed Dreams

The Notes Stealer

When a 13-year old heart could not contain the joy of an otherwise shy and coy girl, it danced in a sleepy afternoon lane to the tune of her own dyslexic hum. Usually, Rachna returned home after school with relief. But on that afternoon, she was returning home with quintessential joy in her heart. Her… Continue reading The Notes Stealer

Mirror Mirror!

At 2 AM on a new moon Indian night, Tanya opened her eyes to rustling footsteps in her bedroom. Her eyes blinded by darkness; her ears alert; and a feeling suggested a faint heaviness in the air, as if a deer-footed body flashed from one corner of the room to the other. She lay still… Continue reading Mirror Mirror!

Bougainvillea Shoes

They walked into a muddy lane that had recently witnessed the fourth shower of spring. While the rest of India awaits a rainfall in April, this remote border town of Dawki in Meghalaya starts receiving its share of the tempest early. As they walked into the lane towards their little thatched hut, Jhimli stopped at… Continue reading Bougainvillea Shoes

If Only…!

The last day of November brought an undiluted gush of excitement for Priyanka. Her black and coral blue backpack was pumped with the best of clothes and shoes. Her new aviator from Fastrack perched uncomfortably on her head. Goa was just a few hours away. Aqua adventure, long walks on the beach, watching the evening… Continue reading If Only…!

The Final Call

"So, nervous?" "Mm... It's a mixed feeling." "Mixed? As in nervous as well as desirous?" (Laugh) "Shut up Rupesh. You should draw a line when talking to a woman." "Woman? Seriously? Did you ever make me feel as if you're a woman?" "You know what you should better not come tomorrow." (Laugh) "Why? Is it… Continue reading The Final Call

Power of Love

Once walked on earth a tall stout man. Every step he took shook the earth. Every word he spoke triggered a fear. River of blood running in his eyes; foul smell of greed flowing from his mouth. His muscles could bring down a jungle, and trample a herd of whales. He feared none for he… Continue reading Power of Love