Love at a time of War

On a battleground soaked in blood Oh! How is it to fall in love? Somewhere among the corpse A few dusts dance under his nostril The little nook of his dead mind remembers his golden Queen. Ah! The pride in her eyes when she perched the crown on his head! Ah! The tulip terror on… Continue reading Love at a time of War


The Homecoming

"The first two turns on the right, then a left turn, followed by another one on the right, and the third house on the right. Phew! Too much of right." The lane was a board of Snakes and Ladders. One right turn and the destination drew closer. But one wrong turn and the destination propped… Continue reading The Homecoming

Love Stories aren’t always about Love

It were a few minutes that the rains had cleared. The silence played a song to my soul. The storm had passed. The rain had washed away old skins and the secrets of dole. I remember sitting next to you in a ramshackle shop, as the highland girl teased the fire in the clay stove.… Continue reading Love Stories aren’t always about Love

A Heart ruined by today’s kind of Love

It often happens that things that stay in front of the eyes look like mundane rituals. They fail to hit us with their saviour qualities. Whether it's the parents, the old spouse, the decades-old friendship, or a little blossoming garden in the courtyard - they linger like the air for good sans special. My humble… Continue reading A Heart ruined by today’s kind of Love

I met GOD and He looked like…

"Zeenat, do you believe in God?" "Yes, I do." "Why? Have you seen Him?" "Yes." "You have? And how does He look like?" "He looks like a bundle of bliss." "Wow! Why didn't you tell me before?" "Because I was busy hating you, dear brother." *** 17-year old Zeenat and her 11-year old step brother,… Continue reading I met GOD and He looked like…

The Fallen Woman

By the frozen lake, a fire crackled and burned With footprints left in the past, he trudged closer There he saw her, under a dead tree Its elephant bough screaming of a past that prospered, until the clocks had turned.   In a cold January night, her face glowed bright Her eyes little water-pools on… Continue reading The Fallen Woman

Sorry! The Man I Love Isn’t You…

March 2, 2017, Coffee Shop Janet: I have a confession to make. Navin: What is it? Janet: Your snobbishness bothered initially. I feel so relieved to have been proven wrong. Navin (laughs): That's not your fault, sweetheart. I was the one trying to act snobbish. Janet: Really? But, why? Navin: Because a woman usually melts… Continue reading Sorry! The Man I Love Isn’t You…

Favors of a Yellow Diary

"Dear Joy,       It's amazing how a year rolled by in a blink. Is it 365 days or more at your place? Or there's no relevance of time there? Do you ever miss me? Or is the joy there such that you no more know the pain of being away from me? They say I have… Continue reading Favors of a Yellow Diary

Battle Under a Christmas Tree

“O Lord! Let Eliza’s bereavement heal.”  Isabel “O Lord! Let Isabel’s sickness heal.”  Ruth “O Lord! Let Ruth’s deprivation and anxiety heal.”  Eliza Three friends prayed under a pine tree on a little desolate island as the ocean swallowed the sun on a special winter evening in an eastern region of the globe. Their hearts… Continue reading Battle Under a Christmas Tree